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While compelling images, video, and design may stop the endless scroll as your audience browses social and search engines, providing them with educational, informative, and engaging blogs and website content is what will help to reinforce you as an industry leader, and will be a big driver in your fight for the top of the search engine ladder.

I've enjoyed creating content for fantastic brands, helping them enlighten, entertain, and educate their audiences. Take a look below!

I enjoy crafting educational and informative content that speaks to diverse audiences, creating real connections with real people on a multitude of platforms. Whether it be short and sweet copy for social media, mid range articles/blogs and press releases, or longer form website copy, I write content in a variety of formats and for many mediums:


  • I've always enjoyed writing, and have honed my skills in copywriting to create perfect voices for corporate brands - from the big and bold to the friendly and casual.

  • I create content that is optimized for digital platforms, with shorter messages for social media, and longer articles that are SEO and blog ready!

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I guided the creation of a content strategy for a refreshed website and for ongoing monthly content. Through Core Online Marketing, a local agency in Oakville Ontario, I wrote insightful and engaging content for blog articles, website pages, emails, and whitepapers.

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