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CLARITY by ClimateCare

CLARITY by ClimateCare Logo.png


As an emerging service in the HVAC industry, CLARITY by ClimateCare offers consumers the opportunity to own large and essential appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters, rather than be continuously stuck in the rental cycle. I collaborate with CLARITY by ClimateCare on:

  • Social media strategy and protocol.

  • Content creation, copy writing, and management of posts for Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as e-newsletters and company blogs.

  • Direction on website enhancements and additions for an optimized UX.

  • E-newsletter creation and deployment.

  • Analyzing metrics and providing insightful reports on website activity, social media performance, e-newsletter engagement, and recommendations on how to continue optimizing digital activities.

  • Providing industry analysis and competitive monitoring.

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