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One of North America's largest and most reputable supply chain management firms, I worked on all aspects of the companies' traditional and digital marketing efforts as the Marketing Communications Coordinator. Working directly with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, I enjoyed:

  • Building marketing strategies which include traditional and digital marketing tactics and campaigns.

  • Nurturing social media pages with engaging content calendars and growing audiences.

  • Leading the creation of a Challenger Driver Portal (a WordPress website) to communicate company information and create a community with drivers while on the road.

  • Working with vendors and the media to promote the Challenger brand through industry articles and events.

  • Creation of marketing materials such as digital documents and printed handouts.

  • Crafting correspondence on behalf of the Vice President of Sales & Marketing as well as the CEO and founder of the company.

  • Maintaining the Challenger website and copy writing for the corporate blog.

  • Working with Human Resources on recruitment efforts.

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